ITR Income Tax e Filing:
File ITR in just minutes

ITR Income Tax e Filing: just minutes

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Self e Filing

File your ITR hassle-free entirely by yourself in under 3 minutes. We’ve made e-filing incredibly easy for you.

Pre-fill data from IT Department

Auto-read data from Form-16

Maximum Tax Savings


We've got you covered. You name it, we got it.

Don't have Form 16?
Try not to have Form 16?

We will pre-fill your information from IT Department and help you with documenting returns

Switched jobs?
Exchanged positions?

Exchanged positions in a monetary year? You can transfer various Form-16s and document

Self Employed?
Independently employed?

You can record your government forms physically without transferring Form-16.

Have business income?
Have business pay?

You can record returns by adding your exchanging, speculative and possible pay

Invested in Stocks & Mutual Funds
Stocks and Mutual Funds

Essentially Upload your P&L Report and we will auto-fill every one of your information and help.

Have pension income?
Have benefits pay?

Add annuity subtleties in the Income Sources Page. Likewise add some other interest procured, if appropriate

Have interest income?
Have interest pay?

Add interest pay subtleties in the pay sources page

Have Foreign Income?
Foreign Income?

Add your unfamiliar pay subtleties under pay sources and we will assist you with documenting returns

We have you covered, You simply begin documenting and we'll naturally choose the best arrangement for you

Assisted ITR Filing

Get a specialist to do your charges for a person with just compensation pay and pay from fixed stores or/and bank account revenue. No issue. 100 percent computerized.

Salaried income

Limited Liability Partnership has many advantages over Partnership. In the Limited liability Partnership, partners and business are considered a separate entity, which enables them a benefit of limited liability. The firm gets registered under LLP Act, 2008. In Partnership there is a limit of maximum 20 partners, whereas in LLP there is no upper limit for partners. The conversion of Partnership to LLP provides the firm with; ease to transfer the shares, perpetual succession, reduction of risk, easy carry forward of losses and ability to do amalgamations with another Limited Liability Partnership With Muneemg you can do the conversion of Partnership to Limited Liability Partnership. There are certain basic requirements which needs to be fulfilled before the conversion, our executive will explain all the procedure and will verify the documents. Muneemg will clear all the terms and conditions required for the conversion of Partnership to LLP


Foreign income

Plan starts for just ₹6,999/- ₹7,999 (13% OFF)

This plan is ideal for individual NRIs and Indians living abroad having income in India. Get Expert Assistance in filing your income returns.


Upload your documents


Review Computation sheet


GReturn filed & acknowledgement generated

Capital gains

Plan starts for just ₹4,999/- ₹9,999 (50% OFF)

Get expert assistance for filing taxes if you have incurred a profit or a loss from sale of stocks or mutual funds or house property in addition to salary income.


Upload your documents


Review Computation sheet


Get ITR-Verification after e-filing

LIVE Filing

A private Limited Company is a company, usually held for business with private ownership. It requires a minimum of two directors and cannot offer its securities to the public, according to the Companies Act 2013. Over 95% of the companies are registered with Private Limited in India. It is very important for a company to register for ensuring its reliability. Moreover, a business or startup registered as a Private Limited Company provides many benefits and opportunities to the company.