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With smart reconciliation and reports, save upto 2.7% tax

With smart reconciliation and reports, save upto 2.7% tax

100% assured accuracy

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All Rounder
GST Software

Our all rounder cloud-based GST toolkit break down the complex process of GST return filing with error-free automated ingestion to smart reporting so as to make your process hassle free.

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Upto 7% tax savings

Claim 100% ITC and save an average of 4% GST everytime.

100% accurate

Multiple validation at each step, reviewed by 60+ experts.

25+ smart reports

Choose from a variety of smart analytics reports on tap

99.99% uptime

Multiple redundancies, ensures your GST filings never go down.

AI powered matching

Match 6,000 invoices in a minute, detect 100% tax credits.

Bank-grade security

Leading GSP with SSL, SOC 2 and ISO certifications.

Import data directly from any ERP

No matter what platform you use, we are devoted to help you connect with it without any tiresome processes. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Tally or any other ERP.

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Endless options of data import methods

Get an ingestion method of your choice. We offer integrations over APIs and SFTP or simply connectors or templates with custom mappers.

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3x paced experience from G1 to G9

Get an ingestion method of your choice. File all kinds of GST returns at 3x faster pace and complete power workflows in under 30 seconds with features such as NIL filing and auto-filled 3B and 9 Forms.

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Pull GSTR 2A across months in seconds

Pull GSTR-2A and historical GSTR-1 and 3B invoices
Get historical invoices from 2A report and even earlier filings with GSTR-1 and 3B.

Pull at GSTIN or PAN level, across months and years
Select all GSTINs under a single PAN and pull invoices from GSTN since the inception of GST Act.

Pull without interruption at scale
Month-end? Large invoice count? Our reliable architecture ensures you can pull invoices seamlessly

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Powerful tax-saving reconciliations

Eliminate filing errors and save your clients’ money with our GST platform that is 3x faster and detects 100% input tax credits with AI powered reconciliations.

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Web, mobile, desktop work from anywhere

Cloud based platform From the convenience of home or office, through any device with secure logins.

Switch between our web or desktop app

One-click access to all important filing actions such as challan tracking, file PMT and NIL returns

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PAN level actions and services for multi-GSTIN businesses

Import all data at GSTIN or PAN level effortlessly and without any tiresome processes for any duration of time starting from one month.

Reconcile invoices across all GSTINs under PAN

One-click access to all important filing actions such as challan tracking, file PMT and NIL returns

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Hassle free payment tracking and integrated invoicing

We offer fully integrated GST compliant invoice creation, payment tracking and stock management to enable easy growth and compliance

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Rich vendor rating and onboarding module

With Munnemg you can validate upto 5,000 vendors at a time and onboard them selectively while maintaining ratings and effectively linking payments with compliance.

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Get cockpit view of GST ops with CFO Dashboard

GST health check

Check multiple GSTINs in one place and get a month- on-month view of GST health of your organisation.

Integrated business view

Get a complete view of your business’ cash and tax inflow and outflow at all times.

Sales & purchase view

Get a view of all the sale and purchase activities to stay on top of your business activities.

Claim every tax credit from air travel

Fetch airline ticket invoices from websites

Auto-fetch ticket PDF from airline website through robotic process automation

Structure and organize invoices

Our IQ bot brings together all invoices in spreadsheets and resolves error

Consolidate and reconcile with GSTR-2A

Collate ticket info and auto-prepare inwards register with fetched invoices, reconcile with \GSTR-2A pulls

Bank-grade enterprise security

Primarily we are a GST Suvidha Provider or GSP. We were awarded a GSP license after rigorous scrutiny of our technological and financial capabilities to serve our clients. A GSP connects directly with the GST system via secure GST System APIs. With this we are able to cater to the needs of the customers much better than a standalone ASP

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Data archival, retrieval

You can archive and access all your data time, in line with government regulations.

Full audit trails

Upto 8-year audit trails for your data, filings and any change made to the same.


We empower you with ability to provide a range of IP addresses to permit or block account activities.

SSL encryption

Grant specific access rights to specific set of users, manage these rights centrally.

ISO 27001 data storage

AWS services with quarterly VAPT to check controls with completely secure access.

SOC 2 certified
visa processing

We ensure security, availability, confidentiality and privacy of your data.

Branch-level controls

For e-Way Bills and e-Invoicing, you can provide access control to product at regional office levels.

2-factor authentication

Additional layer of protection to give your user accounts more security against vulnerability.

User access management

Grant specific access rights to specific set of users, manage these rights centrally.

Ready to maximum credits and save taxes?

2-7% tax savings with smart reconciliation.

G1 to G9C, all returns 3x faster

100% accurate, designed by 60+ inhouse tax experts

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