Conversion Of Private Limited To Public Limited

Under the Companies Act, 2013 Private Limited Company is not allowed to invite the general public for its share unlike the Public Limited Company. The Public Company can have a minimum seven directors whereas Private Companies can have only two directors. Private Companies can have a maximum of 200 directors but the Public Company has no upper limit for the directors. Moreover, in Private Company the transferability of shares is restricted and in Public Company the transferability of shares is free. The Public Company requires the certificate of commencement of business after it is incorporated to start a business. Whereas, the Private Company can do that just after getting a certificate of incorporation.



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Muneemg allows you to avail all these benefits with uncomplicated procedure. If you want to register your business or startup as Private Limited Company, do it effortlessly with the Muneemg. You have to just fill the enquiry from and wait for our executive to approach to approach you. All the left is our headache, Muneemg will provide you all the services from picking up the documents at your doorstep to the Completion of registration procedure.

Conversion Of Private Limited To Public Limited:

There are various benefits which can be availed by the company after the conversion form Private company to Public company and Muneemg helps you to do the same.




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Pvt Ltd To Public Registration


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Yes, you need a minimum of 3 Directors for a Public Limited Company. If you are sole owner, you can register as a One Person Company.

Any individual/organization can become the member of the Public Limited Company including foreigners/NRI.

There is absolutely no other payment. We will send you an invoice that is all-inclusive, with no hidden charges. can convert a Private Limited Company typically in 14-20 days. The time taken also depends on relevant documents provided by the applicant and speed of approvals from government. To ensure speedy registration into Public Limited Company, please pick a unique name for the proposed Company.

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