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Consult Top Lawyers For Legal Right For Men & Legal Advisors In India

Men in India can claim for maintenance, child custody and divorce with equal rights and unbiased proceedings. There are many cases where men are abused and falsely blamed for the issues. In India there are various cases where men are falsely penalised for rapes, dowry and domestic violence.Men have the full right to file a case against the false accusations ang get the compensation for the same. It is necessary for you get correct help and correct advice from an expert in law field. Muneemg helps you to get all the legal advice against your right and equality.

She is an expert in solving all types of legal query with 15 years of experience in the civil, criminal and corporate matters. She has a specialty in bill matters and crackerjack in solving family disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms. She has done MA LLB and have experience in all high courts of India. The experience of her Legal matters extend with the cases of NDPS and POCSO. Vinya has her priorities set, with the satisfaction of her client as her first motto.

Vijaya Tyagi

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